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Rani Roasty Bhel Puri Cup (Spicy & Crunchy Indian Snack w/ mouth watering Indian Chutneys) 3.5oz (100g), Pack of 2 ~ Ready to Eat | Vegan | NON-GMO | Indian Origin


Product Type: Snacks
Packaging: Plastic Cup x Pack of 2
Net Wt. 3.5oz (100g)
Product of India

Roasty Bhel Puri: Corn flakes, Peanuts, Beaten rice, Potato crisps, Puffed rice, Sugar, Mint (Pudina) seasoning mint (pudina) powder, Dried green mango powder, Spices, Salt, Maltodextrin, Citric acid, Black pepper, Curry leaves, Turmeric, Rock salt, Edible common salt, Tartaric acid, Edible vegetable oil (Palmolein oil or Corn oil) (Oil sprayed for seasoning application only).

4in1 Chutney: Water, Jaggery, Sugar, Mint leaves (Phudina), Coriander leaves, Green chilies, Dates, Tamarind, Refined Iodized Salt, Chili powder, Cumin powder, Black salt powder, Ginger powder, Stabilizer: Acetylated distarch adipate(stabilizer), Xanthan gum, Acidity regulator, Acetic Acid (preservative), Critric acid, Containes Preservative: Sodium Benzoate.

Bhel Puri, is not just a mouth watering snacks, it's the fond memory of India that takes you back to the exotic Chaats of Bombay and Juhu Chowpatty. Loved by people from North to South, it promises to satisfy tradition and authentic taste. Go ahead, open a pack, and indulge in the tangiest snacks of India. Our world famous chutneys inside the pack make our promise and guarantee of flavor.

  • You'll LOVE our Roasty Bhel Puri Cup by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • ❤️NO ADDED COLOR, Vegan Spicy & Crunchy snack with Indian Chutney inside!
  • ❤️Pack of 2! No Cooking Required & comes with spoon for mixing & napkin.
  • ❤️Ready to eat in just 30 seconds! Just pour and shake and your snack is ready to go!
  • ❤️Net Wt. 3.5oz (100g) x Pack of 2 ~ Packed in resealable Plastic Cup to provide a convenient storage for your snack!