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About Us

My name is Suneel Chander, I am the Managing Partner of Rani Foods LP.  We (my family and I) are the founders of Rani Brand, established 1979.  We love food from all corners of the world, specializing in South Asian.  Put all of our passion and experience into our products, now sold worldwide.  Buy factory direct, for the freshest product at a great value, delivered fast! 



Real Store, Real Company, Real People.

Rani Brand, we are not a drop-shipper or a shadow operator.  We have locations in Houston, Las Vegas & Los Angeles, all family owned with 40 years experience. You have the comfort of knowing our products are fresh, on our shelves and ready to ship within 24hrs.  We have a full support staff to answer your questions.  Our Live Chat is nearly always on.  We look forward to serving you!