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Rani Pappad (Lentil Wafer) 5-Variety Pack (Plain, Garlic, Cumin, Ex Hot, Black Pepper) 7ounce Approx 15pc, 7 inches Natural, Gluten Free | NON-GMO

SKU B0825C919D
Product Type: Pappad
Packaging: Box
Net Wt. 7oz
 Product of India

Ingredients: Urad Flour, Rice Flour, Salt, Palm Oil, Spices, Sugar, Asafoetida
  • You'll LOVE our 5-Variety Papad Pack (Plain, Garlic, Cumin, Extra Hot, Black Pepper) Pappadums (Papad) by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • 🧄Healthy: Fat Free, Gluten Friendly, High in Protein, Vegan, CHOLESTEROL-Free
  • 🧄100% Natural, NON-GMO, No MSG, No Preservatives
  • 🧄5-Variety Value Pack (Plain, Garlic, Cumin, Extra Hot, Black Pepper) cooks very easy in the microwave or open flame, literally in seconds. Package has cooking instructions & good for storage
  • 🧄Restaurant Quality (extra large size 7"), this is the same product found in finer Indian Restaurants as an appetizer