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Rani Pani Puri Coins (Uncooked, Microwaveable wheat and Semolina Coins) 7oz (200g) with Pani Puri Masala (14-Spice Blend for Indian Spicy Water) 1.75oz (50g) ~ All Natural | Vegan | NON-GMO

SKU B09B792K9K
Product Type: Snacks / Masala
Packaging: Plastic Bag / Box
Net Wt. 7oz (200g) / 3.5oz (100g)

  • You'll LOVE our Pani Puri Coins (Indian Water Balls) with Pani Puri Masala by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • ❤️Pani Puri Coins, also known as Indian Spicy Water Balls. Ready in Minutes- Fry or Microwave , Pour Spicy water and Enjoy it. Each pack contains approx 80-85 coins.
  • ❤️Pani Puri Masala (14-Spice Blend) Authentic family recipe blend, easy to follow recipe on box. NO FILLERS in any Rani Brand Spices (fillers are commonly used in spices to make them free flowing or lessen the costs of production)
  • ❤️Rani is a USA based company selling quality foods for over 40 years, buy with confidence!
  • ❤️Net Wt. 7oz (200g) Pani Puri Coins and Net Wt. 1.75oz (50g) Pani Puri Masala, Product of India.