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Rani Kebab Masala Indian Spice Blend for Meat Dishes 3oz (85g) Salt & Gluten Friendly

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Tandoori MasalaA Little History!
Kebab was first served in the year 1299 by the Ottoman Sultans to their guests, however it was not until 1453 that it became the national dish of Turkey. Since then, Kebab has remained virtually the same, and has become tremendously popular the world over. The Kebab was introduced into India during the Islamic Invasion and was infused into Northern cuisine (Punjab, Mulghai). Typically made of minced lamb or beef, kebabs are roasted on an open fire (BBQ), or tandoori oven.

Product Type: Ground Powder Spice Blend
Packaging: Poly Bag
Net Wt. Net Wt. 3oz (85g)
Product of India

Alternative Name (Indian) Marinade & Grill Spice for kebabs