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Rani Green Peas Whole, Dried (Vatana, Matar) 4lbs (64oz) ~ All Natural | Vegan | Gluten Friendly | Kosher | Product of USA


Product Type: Whole Peas
Packaging: Poly Bag
Net Wt. 4lbs (64oz)
Product of USA

Ingredients: Green Peas Whole

  • You'll LOVE our Dried Green Peas Whole (Marrowfat Peas, Vatana, Matar) by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • ❤️️Now KOSHER! 100% Natural, Gluten Friendly, No preservatives or "fillers" & Great Health Benefits
  • ❤️️Great source of natural protein, ideal for vegetarians & vegans. Great for soups!
  • ❤️️Used to make "Mushy Peas", Marrowfat Peas
  • ❤️Net Wt. 4lbs (64oz), Alternate Names: ⭐Matar, ⭐Vatana


You'll LOVE our Green Peas Whole by Rani Brand--Here's Why:

Also know as Marrowfat Peas, Vatana, Matar, Used to make Mushy Peas

Green Lentils are pale green, lens-shaped legumes that are known for their easy preparation, earthy flavor and high protein content. Dried green lentils do not require presoaking like many dried beans and they tend to cook faster. They are used in many soups and side dishes and are very popular in European cooking. Whether brown, green, yellow, red, or black, lentils are low in calories, rich in iron and folate, and an excellent source of protein.

  • Now KOSHER!
  • 100% Natural (No Preservatives)
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Friendly
  • Non-ETO (not irradiated)
  • Product of USA
Premium Green Peas

Many varieties of Lentils are used throughout India. From simple soups to elaborate dishes, lentils hold a prominent place in every Indian kitchen. Rani offers a full range of traditional lentils with easy to follow recipes printed on most packages.

Culinary Uses of Green Peas:

  • Mashed green peas is a faster, simpler, better-for-you, and sweeter substitute for mashed potatoes.
  • Boiled green peas is so easy to turn peas into a classic delicious side dish loved by everyone.
  • Green peas salad with bacon recipe with the most delicious chipotle dressing is packed with flavor with a fun twist on this southern American classic.
  • Green peas puree is loved for the vibrant splash of colour it adds to a plate and makes one of the best green pea side dish recipes. The sweet flavour pairs so well with almost any protein!


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