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Rani Cracked Wheat Coarse (Fada / Commonly called Bulgur #2) 4lb (64oz)~ All Natural | Vegan | No Colors | NON-GMO | Indian Origin

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Rani Cracked Wheat Coarse, Bulgar (Bulghur) is made by parboiling wheat, and then coarsely drying it. The outer layers of the brand are then removed and the grains are cracked. Once cracked, it is ready to be boiled or steamed. When cooked, it retains its distinctive nutty flavor. Bulghur is commonly found in Mediterranean (Tabouleh), Indian & American (Hot Cereal) Cuisine. We carry it in a coarse (commonly called #2), we also have a fine listing as well.

Alternate Names: Dalia, Cracked Wheat Coarse, Fada, Bulghur, Burghul