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Rani Coriander (Dhania) Seeds Whole, Indian Spice 14oz (400g) ~ All Natural ~ Gluten Friendly | NON-GMO | Kosher | Vegan | Indian Origin

Product Type: Seeds
Packaging: Plastic Bag
Net Wt.: 14oz (400g)
Product of India

Ingredients: Whole Coriander Seeds (India)
  • You'll LOVE our Whole Coriander by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • ❤️Now KOSHER! 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Friendly, No preservatives or "fillers" & Great Flavor!
  • Rani is a USA based company selling spices for over 40 years, buy with confidence!
  • ❤️Authentic Indian Product, Alternate Names: ⭐Dhania Sabut (Hindi)
  • ❤️NO FILLERS in any Rani Brand Spices (fillers are commonly used in spices to make them free flowing or lessen the costs of production) usually sodium or like product.


Rani Brand Coriander Seeds Indigenous to the Mediterranean region, coriander is now cultivated worldwide, Coriander is also know as Cilantro. With its warm but slight citrus flavor, coriander is known to be used in both savory and sweet dishes.

In India, it is an essential ingredient in Curry Powder, Garam Masala and in the Gujurati blend, dhana-jeeru. In the Middle East, it is popular in Minced Meat Dishes and is known in Europe for Seasoning Sausages and Stews.

Use the seeds for pickling, grind into curry pastes or use for medicinal applications. Coriander works well in Latin, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines and is a great addition when using cumin or other blends of spices.


Growing Coriander

Authentic Taste comes from Rich Indian Coriander

Coriander Seeds

Coriander is commonly found both as whole dried seeds and in ground form. Roasting or heating the seeds in a dry pan heightens the flavor, aroma, and pungency. Ground coriander seed loses flavor quickly in storage and is best ground fresh. Coriander Seeds are soft and easily ground in a food processor.

  • Crafted in small batches, not mass produced, you will taste the difference
  • We never use any artificial colors in any of our spices.
  • Now KOSHER! 100% Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Friendly, No preservatives or "fillers" & Great Flavor!
  • Coriander Seeds are known in various names around the world such as Dhania, Dhaniya, Chinese parsley,
Coriander is a staple in Indian spice blends (Masala)

Coriander seed is a spice in garam masala and Indian Curry Powders which often employ the ground fruits in generous amounts together with cumin, acting as a thickener in a mixture called dhana jeera. Roasted coriander seeds, called dhana dal, are eaten as a snack.

  • Picked at the peak of their crop for best taste
  • Comes from the seed of the cilantro plant
  • Dry-toasting coriander in a pan allows the spice to take on a more robust floral aroma as the oils release from the seeds.

Coriander Seeds