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Rani Corn Flour (Makki ka Atta) 32oz (2lbs) 908g Bulk ~ All Natural | Vegan | Gluten Friendly | NON-GMO | Kosher | Indian Origin

Product Type: Corn Flour
Packaging: Plastic Bag
Net Wt.: 32oz (2lbs) 908g
Product of India

Ingredients: Corn Flour

  • You'll LOVE our Corn Flour (Makki ka Atta) by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • 🌽High Protein, 100% Natural, No preservatives, Non-GMO, Gluten Friendly, PREMIUM Gourmet Food Grade Flour.
  • 🌽Makki ka Atta is used extensively in Indian cooking especially Makai Mooli and Methi Paratha, a popular breakfast recipe in the Punjab region.
  • 🌽Now KOSHER! Great substitute for All Purpose Flour/Wheat Flour, can be used in everything from cookies to pizza!
  • 🌽Net Wt. 32oz (2lbs) 908g, Authentic Indian Product, Alternate Names: (Indian) Makai ka atta, Makki ka Atta, Maize Flour

Corn flour is milled from dried whole corn kernels. It is the result of grinding entire corn kernels into a fine powder. Therefore, it contains protein, fiber, starch, and the vitamins and minerals found in whole corn. It’s typically yellow. It contains the hull, germ, and endosperm of the corn and is considered a whole grain flour. It is extremely versatile, and you can incorporate it into recipes for breads, muffins, waffles, pancakes, battered and fried foods, blinis, and more.