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Rani Almonds Powder {2 Sizes Available}

Size: 14 Ounce (400g)

Product Type: Powder
Packaging: Plastic Bag
Product of India
Ingredients: Almond Powder

Almonds are a popular and incredibly versatile type of tree nut that is great as a snack on their own or as an ingredient in dishes from around the world. It is a type of tree nut that is oblong and dark brown with a mild flavor which grows on fruit trees called almond trees, scientifically known as Prunus dulcis. Almonds grow inside cream-colored shells covered by a gray-green, fuzzy hull. When the fruit (being the nut itself) ripens, the hull splits and the shell drops to the ground. Available year-round, almonds are at their peak harvest in November. Though you can find them in their hard shells, you’ll most often see them shelled, in several forms: whole, slivered, and thinly sliced.

  • You'll LOVE our Almond Powder by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • ❤️100% Natural, Non-GMO, No Preservatives, Vegan, Gluten Friendly, PREMIUM Gourmet Food Grade Almonds Powder.
  • ❤️Packed in a no barrier Plastic Bag, let us tell you how important that is when using this, potent of all Indian Spices!
  • ❤️Rani is a USA based company selling quality foods for over 40 years, buy with confidence!
  • ❤️Authentic Indian Product