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Fresh Ginger Root - By Rani Brand (16 Ounce) 1 Pound

GingerA Little History!
Native to India and China, ginger is an ancient spice that has been cultivated in tropical Asia for over 3,000 years. Ginger has a warm, woody aroma, with a hot and slightly bitter taste. Ginger combines particularly well with the warm flavor of cumin, and coriander in savory Indian dishes. It also contributes largely to pickles, chutneys and curry powders, which make it an essential spice in Indian cuisine. In the west, it is largely used in puddings, jams, preserves, cakes, breads, and cookies.

Product Type: Fresh ROOT
Packaging: Plastic Bag
Ships in 24 hours of Ordering
Product of China / Peru or USA

Alternative Name (Indian) Adarak