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Rani Spicy Butter Chicken Vegan Simmer Sauce 14oz (400g) Glass Jar, Pack of 5 +1 FREE ~ Easy to Use | Vegan | No Colors | All Natural | NON-GMO | Gluten Free | Indian Origin

Product Type: Paste Spice
Packaging: Glass Jar
Net Wt. 14oz (400g) x Pack of 5+1 FREE
Product of India

Ingredients: Water, Tomato, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, Concentrated Tomato Puree, Spices, Dried Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Salt, Crushed Red Chilli, Paprika Extract, Citric Acid (330), Dried Fenugreek Leaf
  • You'll LOVE our Spicy Butter Chicken Vegan Simmer Sauce by Rani Brand--Here's Why:
  • 🍗NEW! PACK OF 5 + 1 FREE ! GLASS JAR! We bubble & box your glass order so it will reach you safe! 100% Natural, Non-GMO, No Preservatives, Vegan, Gluten Free PREMIUM Gourmet Food Grade Spice.
  • 🍗Rani Spicy Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce is a ready-to-use vegan sauce that includes all the necessary spices, ingredients, and flavors required on creating mouth-watering Spicy Butter Chicken dish.
  • 🍗Easy to follow recipe on bottle. Rani is a USA based company selling spices for over 40 years, buy with confidence!
  • 🍗Net Wt. 14oz (400g) x Pack of 5+1, Total of 84oz (5.25lbs) Authentic Indian Product, Product of India

      Looking for an Indian recipe that's going to impress your guests without requiring hours over a hot stove? A thick, creamy classic, our Spicy Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce adds mouth-watering flavour to your Spicy Butter Chicken recipe. It's the perfect dish for those looking for Indian food that bursts with flavour and heat.