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Rani Citric Acid Powder, Food Grade (Limbu Ka Ful) Bulk Pack, 5 Pound (5lbs) 80oz ~ Used for cooking, bath bombs, cleaning | Indian Origin

PRODUCT INFORMATION Citric Acid is a naturally occurring fruit acid used to enhance the flavor of food. Citric acid is used to prevent the discoloration of foods that results from oxidization, and adds sour punch to dishes. In India, citric acid is sometimes used to curdle milk in preparation for making paneer, a traditional Indian cheese. There are countless uses for citric acid around your home from descaling hard water, to homemade cleaning detergents and dyeing yarn. Citric Acid can even be used to remove stains from your pool and to make Bath Bombs (fizzies). Read on to learn why so many customers love Milliard's Pure Food-Grade Citric Acid.